I am a computer and programming enthusiast. I use several different Linux distributions (Debian for the server, Arch for the desktop, generally). I read about Linux, graphics drivers, and programming languages for fun. This web page is hosted not on a standard web host (like Dreamhost), but on an EC2 virtual server that I administer myself. I run my own email server. I still have a giant box of LEGOs. I edit text files with Emacs.

I have a profile on LinkedIn. I'm on Facebook, too, but I don't have access to it anymore, because Facebook wants me to jump through hoops because it's been too long since I last logged in. I'm not too broken up about that..

I have a GitHub account. I've put some stuff there; take a look!

I finally got a Twitter account. I'm @waucka.

I work as a DevOps/Programming consultant via Iron Star Consulting LLC. My views actually are those of my employer, since I am my employer. My resume is here.

I have a blog. If I feel I need to get up on a soapbox about something, this is where I do it. There aren't many things that are important enough (or have bothered me long enough) that I feel the need to publish something for all to see, hence the long periods without entries. Also, I have a certain tendency to blog about things that annoy me severely, so it may get a bit...incendiary at times. If you can't handle a little strong language, try something else. I have, however, written some educational stuff.

My blog is powered by Nikola, which is pretty awesome. I can compose my blog posts as reStructuredText or Markdown files on my local machine, run a local-only staging server to preview my work, then push them to an AWS S3 bucket for publication. Everything that's not the blog is hosted locally, and it's generated with wok

Want to know about my general philosophy? Wondering why I spend so much time on Free software despite not getting paid for it? Take a look here.

Want to contact me? Observe that my first name is "Alex", and observe the contents of your browser's address bar. I think you can figure it out. (Email addresses are typically all lower-case, by the way.) I'm sure you're a wonderful person, but there are many people who are not, and they tend to have digital minions who jump like rabid dogs on anything that looks like an email address, so I have to make you guess. Sorry. The spammers have won.

I have a public key, by the way. I sign some of my email with it (I don't trust my smartphone enough to give it access to my private key). Any email purporting to be from me but without a cryptographic signature may not actually be from me. If the signature is invalid, somebody is definitely doing something evil. Or you got really unlucky and ran into some random corruption that the TCP checksum didn't catch.

I have a CA certificate. Installing it will enable you to access my web site securely over SSL (and do other things like chat over XMPP if you have an account). Of course, the important question is this: do you trust me not to impersonate your email provider? If so, then here you go. PROTIP: don't install this.

Why did I choose impulse101.org?

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